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Email Marketing?

Even if you are producing very high quality products, still you may fail to attract your consumer because they are not aware of the quality of your product. Thats why different forms of marketing are emerging nowadays to reach the consumer and make them aware about what is unique in your product. There are different tools of e-marketing like blogging, seo, social media and email. In email marketing we chase our customer by sending e-mails to everyone in person and let them know about the offer we are giving to them on different products and its quality. You must have come across such e mails on your account every other day. These are the examples of email marketing.

Obstructions and Solutions:

Have you ever tried sending emails in bulk to different email address, I am sure you have not otherwise your account would have deactivated till now? Many anti social elements try to use their accounts to send spasm mails and indulge in various corruption activities by deceiving innocent people. In order to check that, email services provider has restricted the no. of mails we can send to a definite digit, if we inbreach that policy and go beyond the defined digit, our account would be suspended. Now the question sprouts here is that how to send so many email in bulk to advertise your product through email marketing? Our email marketing team is continuously trying to make it possible for you, through using different software we have, you just give us your email list & email content. Emails will be sent within 2 hours.

Our Packages:
10K Emails: $10
20K Emails: $20
50K Emails: $30
100K Emails: $50

We also provide data for sending mails. UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India etc. data available.

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